Gridlogics Technologies - Building Seasoned Products to Bring the Best Out of IP Data

CIO Vendor Big data has the potential to improve the quality of business decisions by enabling text and data mining of vast amounts of data and delivering actionable insights. However, the segment less mentioned where big data solutions are highly relevant is the intellectual property and patent data management domain. Intellectual Property is never mentioned in the list of traditional big data challenge areas. Ironically, Pune headquartered Gridlogics is actually on the extreme end of it. One of the fastest growing patent (IP) based business intelligence solutions provider, Gridlogics is known for its product quality and capabilities such as Hybrid search engine, search recall, platform based collaboration, integration of Patent and Non-patent literature.

Gridlogics’ systems hold more than 110 million patent records with a good half of them being 40- 50 pages in length. The company extracts more than 200 different fields (basic and calculated) from the records, combine them with a number of other business and legal data points and feed the extracted data to the analysis engine to perform various types of statistical analysis in real-time. In order to make this possible Gridlogics has been using the fundamental algorithms of big data such as Map Reduce and Distributed file systems.

PatSeer - Leveraging IP Data in the Best Ways Possible
Patent databases are no more looked upon by businesses as a search and retrieval solution only. Instead, decision makers in any R&D driven organization regularly make critical business decisions based on patent data.
Gridlogics’ PatSeer is a web based patent analysis solution, which includes multiple analytical capabilities that allow companies to assess competitive risk, understand technology trends, uncover untapped IP opportunities and make build versus buy decisions. Not just R&D, IP data can be used across various functions of an organization from engineering, product development to marketing and even finance. Gridlogics assists organizations put IP data to good use. Insights from patent information are required across by stakeholders in almost all departments. The traditional IP solutions were not designed for such type of lateral sharing and so users were bound to share information in the form of Excel and Word documents. PatSeer revolutionized the concept of platform sharing in the form of PatSeer Projects. The solution is designed to meet this requirement of having an Integrated Patent and Scientific Information management system that gives information professionals the tools to get all the data, project stake holders, internal/ external collaborators and processes integrated into a single solution. The users can also enrich the information with their own metadata by way of custom taxonomies, rating, flags, comments and other types of custom fields and further use this as part of their workflows or patent mapping activities.

Gridlogics is known for its product quality and capabilities such as Hybrid search engine, search recall and more

With a team of 45+ personnel’s dedicated to bringing new ideas in the field of Intellectual property, Gridlogics has brought about volatility in the way IP management advances. With PatSeer as their flagship, Gridlogics shows promises to solve complex problems by availing custom solutions for Intellectual property teams across the globe.