Lex Mantra: Automating Legal Workflow with Web-Based Intuitive Solution

Sharad Jain, Managing Director

Litigations pose a big risk for businesses across all segments. Unattended litigation can cost businesses financially with severe damage to the reputation of an organization. The biggest challenge a business organization faces is around keeping a track of litigations and monitoring the progress of matters to take necessary actions in time. Manually handling loads of fragmented records and documents is not feasible and prone to error with serious repercussions for business. Hence, there is a need to automate legal workflows to mitigate the risk associated with litigations.

FSL Software Technologies Ltd.,uniquely positioned as software solution provider, has designed a corporate legal solution- Lex Mantra. It is a generic software solution suitable for organizations having multi location presence and a legal team to handle litigations. FSL is an 18 year old organization, part of a 36 year old group having extensive experience in management consultation, business process reviews, financial services, capital market, mutual fund distribution and IT business solutions having PAN India presence. The organization is led by the young and dynamic leadership of its Managing Director, Sharad Jain, an Aeronautical Engineer by qualification with keen interest in technologies and has over 18 years of experience in software solutions. He is one of the driving forces behind FSL Software Technologies Ltd product portfolio and takes charge.

Addressing Corporate Legal Challenges
Lex Mantra stands out from other legal solution software as it is more than a mere Legal Calendaring Solution. A business operates in an environment wherein it is affected not only by its stakeholders but various regulatory agencies as well like tax authorities, labour law agencies etc. A litigation can be from or with a customer,vendor, employee, government agency, competitor etc. Hence the role of a robust litigation system is vital. LexMantra’s specialty is to
seamlessly coordinate multiple tasks of legal team,enhancing their productivity and efficiency. It helps maintain end-to-end report on the ongoing and impending cases, increasing its transparency and visibility. The solution generates reports providing legal teams with valuable insights on cases to make an informed and strategic decision.

"Lex Mantra’s specialty is to seamlessly coordinate multiple tasks of legal team, enhancing their productivity and efficiency"

The solution incorporates required functionality, support and intuitive design suitable for all business size and industry type. It is a web-based litigation management solution with uninterrupted availability irrespective of geographic location or time.

Pre-emptive Software Features
To prevent external hacking and internal abuse of privileges, Lex Mantra incorporates role based access control design with its 2-layer case allocation feature. The software also saves time and effort of the legal team, while enhancing their productivity through its prompt notification feature and comprehensive dashboard view. To save management from unwanted hassle in maneuvering through files, the litigation management solution provides centralized repository of documents. The up-to date information pertaining to each case acts as a knowledge base and can be easily traced for future reference.

Streamlines Organizational Workflow
Work report transparency brings better account
ability and improves individual performance. The software solution helps management to access and trace the performance reports of advocates and employees based on movement, favorable orders, and closure at notice stage etc.

Lex Mantra also facilitates effective communication in an organizational setup. The web-based solution acts as a single source of facts. The management team can plan and assign meetings, follow-ups and tasks for concerned departments and personnel. A well charted and detailed report offers clarity and avoids confusion.

The intuitive design of the software helps the user to work on it easily. Lex Mantra is free of any hardware or third-party software assistance. FSL Software Technologies also provides the support service through its dedicated team for any implementation requirement of its clients.