Square Advisors: Providing Accurate and Timely Forensic Reports

The global Forensic Technology market is estimated to reach USD 22,905 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 13.4 percent. Major factors that drive the growth of this segment include increase in crime rates and the need for solving finesse crimes using advanced technologies. Most importantly, rise in government initiatives that provide funds to support forensic research further expedites the growth of this market.

However, when producing evidences to the court of law, people have to rely on the government forensic laboratories for obtaining processed evidences. But unfortunately, these labs follow traditional methodologies and implement tools and technologies that are obsolete, resulting in accuracy of results obtained during processing of evidences. Moreover, the number of forensic experts available in these labs is insufficient leading to delay in providing reports to the court of law, which ultimately delays the judgment as well.

We provide purely investigated service, which follows a scientific principle. We do a detailed investigation through the various technologies used by our team

However, with the emergence of private forensic labs these issues are solved quickly and easily. One such company that processes accurate and quick forensic evidences is Square Advisors - a premium grade private Forensic Laboratory in Mumbai. Established in 2013, this organization acts as a one-stop solution provider for comprehensive forensic services. Square Advisors provides quick and timely reporting within 5 working days, which is admissible across all courts of law in the country. All analysis is done by qualified experts with proven track record.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Forensic Experts
Square Advisors Forensic Experts have remarkable experience in handling
white collar crimes, criminal & corporate investigations. The Square advisors team com prises highly qualified and experienced team of forensic experts that include fingerprinting experts, handwriting experts, computer forensic experts, tape experts, voice identification experts and mobile experts with almost 16 plus years of experience.

The various Forensic and Investigation Services rendered by Square Advisors include Handwriting verification, signature verification, document analysis, fingerprint analysis, computer forensic, mobile forensic, audio/ video forensic, and Crime scene investigation for theft/ intrusion etc., civil investigation, corporate investigations and fire & Arson Investigations.

“We provide purely investigated service, which follows a scientific principle,” affirms Nisha Menon, Founder & CEO of Square Advisors. “Let us take the example of fire & arson investigations, we do a thorough investigation on what caused the fire in that particular place, was it an accidental fire or was it done deliberately by someone to claim insurance? During the scene examination, the company’s investigators find evidence such as accelerants, tampered utilities and specific burn patterns, which may indicate criminal activity. We do a detailed investigation through the various technologies used by our team,” she adds.

Currently, Square Advisors is rendering services to most of the Banking & Insurance companies across the country. Moving forward, the company is planning to bring in and invent more and more technological advancements in its forensic services.